Welcome Home

The Wood Ducks nurture their fluffy chicks
While Cockatoos squawk and play
Magpies warble and joust with Minors
And Hawks hover with watchful eyes

Curlews cry out for friend and foe
Butcher Birds whistle melodic songs
The Lorikeets flaunt their colours
Then after rain, the amphibious choir!

The Masked Lapwings nervously tread
Crows announce the evening and dawn
A perfect flying V of Ibis
Shadow the hungry Corellas

The Grey Heron takes a sophisticated flight
Oh yes, Pale-Headed Rosellas frequent the gums
And the King Parrots pause their sojourn
Inquisitive of the ambitious Goanna

A vibrant Red-Belly Black slithers content
Egrets enjoy their aloofness
Trees hold their own and give sound to wind
A Boobook breaks the silence of night

In the immenseness of nature as it is
And joy it brings to soul
It is truly a reflection of you precious four
So welcome, so loved in our community

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