Month: June 2019


As darkness yields to morning lightThe chorus sounds before the flight Leaves hold still in silhouetteA welcome befalls in nature’s set As a father runs to embrace his sonAnd a mother holds her tender one Love returns in vision’s reachShouting “eternity” in silent speech


From start to end you land betweenEach place a choice is madeRest a while or journey furtherAnd chase the soul felt dream All roads themselves too small for youFor something different loomsPointless for us to guess its shapeAs the creator forms the view We stand in awe and applaud your wayWherever you may goCasting our …

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The Shredding

The wind swept in and buckled the treesYet firm they stood well anchoredFor life had spared them no seasonsThrough drought, flood, fire, storm and calmFormed in the past years of abundance and lackWas a wisdom that yielded leaves and branchesRather than hold onto everything for fear of tomorrowBending, surrendering and pruning to hold groundGrieving the …

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The Lowliest

It was an era of timeBetween points of nowWhen a chase pursued the illusiveYet stories shaped and sustainedUntil fatigue outlasted all else In the collapse of hopelessnessA child was bornWhose historical name was ‘promise’His birth extended beyond a starWhere truth heralded salvation Greatness and glory thought elsewhereWas inverted for those too tiredAs a place of …

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Welcome Home

The Wood Ducks nurture their fluffy chicksWhile Cockatoos squawk and playMagpies warble and joust with MinorsAnd Hawks hover with watchful eyes Curlews cry out for friend and foeButcher Birds whistle melodic songsThe Lorikeets flaunt their coloursThen after rain, the amphibious choir! The Masked Lapwings nervously treadCrows announce the evening and dawnA perfect flying V of …

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Never Alone

A holy inspiration birthed the prelude to a masterpieceSweet melodic tones danced across the sensesInviting the orchestra to collaborate in common timeGreat rises of tension offset the falls of reliefAnd dissonance held periods of discomfortWhere the symphony attenuated, accentuating the one instrumentAs by design, the left and right hand supported these exaggerated momentsWhich carried the …

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The Crucible

The planet’s crucible presses the aging bonesFrailty jousts with desireThe vision of Eden waits on life’s great horizonAlways near and afarHope and fear dance as lifetime partnersThe enchantment of defeat endlessly enticesThen a bridge forms where the tongue tastes aspirationA heavenly baptism of cleansing contentment flowsFlushing impurities away into the sacred now

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Everything Is In Its Place

Everything is in its placeThe road curves through the hillsTrees cast their shadow on the edgesLegs carry the body to the next stepWind gently flaps the hair fringe Everything is in its placeA distant hum of passing trafficThe chatter of the local lorikeetsFallen leaves rustle and crunch beneath the feetClouds occasionally dimming the sunlight Everything …

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The Brain Storm

Once again on firm foundationsExpertly laid by the master craftsmanA security was felt in the stillness of calmThought unshakable while the winds constrainedAnd yet with the expiration of breezeThe frail memories of yesteryears stormsScattered doubt and fear like debrisQuickly forgetting the solidity of supportFormed and strengthened in the aftermaths Whilst fleeing to build new rampartsFor …

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The hand of the maker crafts the patterned knitFrom single strands, shape takes formAnd that which was formless is brought to lifeAn expression beyond words encased in loveNow that which holds and sustains the imparted giftCarries mystical links to past and present kinAnd legacy taps at the doors of the unbornConnecting the formless and wonder …

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