The Brain Storm

Once again on firm foundations
Expertly laid by the master craftsman
A security was felt in the stillness of calm
Thought unshakable while the winds constrained
And yet with the expiration of breeze
The frail memories of yesteryears storms
Scattered doubt and fear like debris
Quickly forgetting the solidity of support
Formed and strengthened in the aftermaths

Whilst fleeing to build new ramparts
For fear of the tempest’s destructive rage
With all energy focused on construction
The clouds parted and the sun broke through
Creating an overcoat of warmth
Enabling insight of the skeletal remains
Revealing rusty nails holding rotted wood
Reposed on the same assured ground
Temporarily thought fragile and aloof
Trusting in the integrity of its underpinnings
And the endless support of gravity to bring restoration

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