“Hello” was shouted with curious wonder
“Hello” said the nearby canyon
Then again “hello” until the voice travelled out of reach
The Whip Bird chased the call with its melodic crack
Towering gums let the wind caress their leaves
Announcing the arrival of the gentle breeze
While the sky’s brightness dwindled
And the sun took refuge behind the distant hills
Welcoming the lessor lights to reveal themselves
And as an intensifying darkness
Arrived to keep company with diminishing sight
The senses turned to the heightened inner
Causing an unnerving rustling within
That craved the day’s warmth again
Forgetting the promise of the end
Losing assurance of the pervasive light
That never betrays anybody’s trust
To once more service without complaint
In opening the vast horizons
And always inviting curiosity to travel
Beyond the far reaches to the next still night

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