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Everything Is In Its Place

Everything is in its place
The road curves through the hills
Trees cast their shadow on the edges
Legs carry the body to the next step
Wind gently flaps the hair fringe

Everything is in its place
A distant hum of passing traffic
The chatter of the local lorikeets
Fallen leaves rustle and crunch beneath the feet
Clouds occasionally dimming the sunlight

Everything is in its place
A message sent that shouts offense
Painful feelings that bleed again
Violent thoughts that seek revenge
Movements to rally support against

Everything is in its place
Flights of fantasy that arrest the now
Fear predicting the worse case scenario
Preventive actions to manage hurt
Sleepless nights lost in consumption

Everything is in its place
The feet that bares the body’s weight
Hands welcoming with nurturing care
Deep breaths quieting a noisy maze
Shoulders sinking to rest again

Everything is in its place
Air available to fill the lungs
Gravity to firmly ground
The dearest one’s gaze
And eyes that see only love

Yes! Everything is in its place.

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